Since 2003 Rob McGlade has been writing and performing songs. His formative years were spent touring the UK & Ireland as frontman of the Dublin alt-rock band Fifteen Minutes.

In late 2010 Rob and Freedom 35’s Gordon Lee joined as Fathers Of Western Thought. From January 1st until December 31st 2011 FOWT wrote, recorded and uploaded online a song for every single day - 365 in total. The project, Sons Of Western Thought - The Art Of Songwriting, was displayed as a multimedia exhibition @ The Market Studios, Dublin, in February 2012. The British Council awarded the title ‘Soundtrack Of Contemporary Dublin’ to the song ‘Dublin’ (March 21st 2011, 80 of 365).

The first step into the world of musical interpretations of literature began in 2012 with FOWT’s ‘Re:Joyce - A Modern Musical Interpretation Of James Joyce’s 4 Major Works’. Serialized weekly online by The James Joyce Centre the project culminated with 4 performances (Dubliners, A Portrait, Ulysses & Finnegans Wake) over 4 consecutive nights at the Bloomsday Festival Dublin 2013.

In 2016, Joyce Museo Trieste commissioned FOWT to write a new musical interpretation of Joyce’s Ulysses, this time specifically on the ‘Sirens’ episode. ‘The Endlessnessnessness’ was performed during the 2016 Bloomsday Festival Trieste (Italy).